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Are you ready to divorce your waist line?

Updated: Sep 21

  • In order to divorce your waist line, you have to improve your digestion.

  • There are just few simple steps that will ensure better digestion and are easy to implement on your daily routine, but first you need some simple knowledge of digestion. As we get older the ph. of the digestive juices (HCL) in the stomach decrease as well as enzyme production. Hydrochloric acid or Muriatic acid (known as HCL) is an inorganic acid, colorless, pungent in smell and very acidic, ph 3. The role of HCL in our body is to:

  • 1. Purify food (This prevents food poisoning and unwanted guests in your body.

  • 2. Breaks down protein essential for proper body function and energy production (ATP). It gets you going!

  • 3. Stimulates the production of Pepsin a digestive enzyme that helps stomach brake down food. It prevents sending large portions of indigestive food into the small intestine. Large portions of undigested food have the potential of damaging the surface of your small intestine were the villi resides (hair like projections), responsible for a large portion of nutritional absorption.

  • 4. Pepsinogen is released from the stomach walls when mixed with HCL and activates to become more Pepsin.

  • The last bit of anatomy that you need to know in order to improve your digestion is that digestion starts in the mouth. It means you need to chew and chew your food well. Enzyme Amylase gets released from the salivary glands in your mouth. This enzyme brakes down carbohydrates up to 30% (starches & sugars). It also sends message to the stomach that food is coming and to get ready to process the food.

  • Here are the steps to improve digestion:

  • Start your day with a full glass of water 8 oz. with a small splash of fresh lemon juice or 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar with mother (or, if you have SIBO use ACV with no mother). Daily water requirements is based on 50% of your body weight. If you weight 100 pounds, you should be drinking 50 ounces of water daily in between your meals throughout the day.

  • Drink water only 30 minutes before meals and not with the meals as you will dilute the natural occurring HCL in your stomach were the main portion of food digestion or break down takes place.

  • Chew, Chew and Chew your food well before swallowing and it will get absorbed better and faster by your body. This action prevents unwanted guests from eating your food. It also slows, digestion preventing the food from moving too quickly without first removal of nutrients by your body.

  • Eat mindfully (no distractions or lots of activity) while eating.

  • Eat nutrient dense, no junk or process foods.

  • If you are passed the age of 30, is likely that you might need to supplement with digestive enzymes. A multi-purpose digestive enzyme that contains Pepsin and HCL is recommended. Please do your homework in this area as not all supplements are created equally or are safe. There are all kinds of enzymes that brake different foods. Like enzymes to digest fats, carbohydrates (Starches and sugars) and proteins, etc. Follow the manufacture instructions when taking the enzymes with Pepsin and HCL. Some are used immediately after you consume the foods others are used before

  • you eat.

  • Add probiotics via eating the rainbow plant based foods. I like the Megaspores from Microbiome Labs. These probiotics are in spore form that can survive the stomach acid and help rebuild the immune system. There are many medical research on this type of probiotics to support this claim.

  • Please feel free to request via email more information on research.

  • Last, but not least if you have any type of ulcer or ulcerative colitis you will have to repair the lining first before implementing the addition of HCL suggestion. Repairing the lining can take few months. Always consult with your doctor before implementing new food or supplement guidelines.

Make sure you walk 5 to 6x per week. Walking helps you spend the calories you eat, but also boost your immune system.

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Information provided in this blog is for educational purpose only and not intended to diagnose or cure disease.

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