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Culinary Baking Classes for 2021-Jeannette Werle

I have been invited to teach baking classes by Dorothy Lane Market Culinary Center for 2021, January through May.

Here are some of the classes that will be offered.

Fundamentals of Baking Breakfast Pastries Class:

This class will discuss the different grains, flours, fats and binders use to make and bake any type of breakfast pastries and few techniques will be discussed as well that work in conjunction with ingredients. How to use key ingredients to achieve different textures or flavors. In addition, you will learn to make cinnamon scones and Southern biscuits to implement material covered at the beginning of the course. This class is for those that seek to improve their baking skills through techniques and knowledge of structural composition of the ingredients been selected to bake with. Demo

Sumptuous Butter Cake Techniques Paired with American Buttercream:

Learn the techniques that make butter cakes tender, have a sultry feel in the mouth and are delicious. Techniques and science will be share at the beginning of the class and then, a luxurious white butter cake will be demo along with a luscious simple American buttercream.

How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust: Techniques and Science of the Perfect Pie Crust.

Learn to make a perfect pie crust and how the ingredients come together. After techniques are shared, a pie crust will be demo. We will discuss gluten free flours too. Bring your questions to the class.

French Tarts:

Learn to make Pâte Sablée and Paleo gluten free alternative dough. We will use these doughs to create 3 different fillings that can be modified to meet the seasons or needs. The tarts are delicious and have a stunning presentation.

American Buttercream Techniques

This class is intended to help you improve your buttercream techniques. We are going to work with an American buttercream to learn to make: silky buttercream flowers and borders.

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