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Dark Cherry & Banana Sorbet (GF,DF,SF,V)

Are you looking for a sweet immune busting and nutrient dense dessert with no sugar added?

Look no more! Find the recipe below:

Makes one serving, but can easily be double or quadruple very easily! Below are other flavor profiles suggestions. Your imagination is the limit!


1. Frozen banana one (1)

2. Hand full of dark sweet cherries about 6 frozen

3. Splash of unsweetened almond milk


Small food processor

Ice cream Scoop

Small glass dish to serve your dessert

Method: Place frozen banana peeled, handful of cherries, splash of almond milk

process 1 or 2 minutes until it has the consistency of sorbet of light ice cream. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Try other flavor profiles

Mocha chocolate chip banana: 1 frozen banana, cool leftover black coffee, vanilla, Lilly's chocolate chips.

Strawberry banana: Fresh strawberries, banana and splash of water or milk. Serve with fresh strawberries.

Grownup frozen pineapple cooler: frozen pineapple, splash of unsweetened coconut milk, small handful of dry coconut shavings and optional 1 tablespoon of Myers Rum.

Use your imagination to create other flavor profiles. Proceed as above using a food processor to get the desired consistency in your sorbet. Enjoy, life can be sweet!

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