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How To Make Sauerkraut

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Sauerkraut Recipe                  Print recipe Purple cabbage organic 1 large head Celtic Salt 1 to 2 tsp. Ginger fresh small piece about 2 " Garlic cloves 2-3 cloves Water filter (avoid tap water as it will kill beneficial bacteria) 1/2 package of culture bacterial (I use this one) 4 small pint canning jars with lids clean Method: Wash the cabbage head and shredded finely. Add Celtic salt, shredded ginger and finely diced garlic cloves to the cabbage. Let this mixture rest for about 10- 20 minutes at room temperature. Take 2 cups of the mixture and process in food processor with enough filter water to get enough liquid to use to cover jars during the packing process later. Next pack the jars with this sauerkraut mixture by pressing mixture with a spoon or spatula tightly into the jar. Make sure the mixture is covered with liquid and do not fill jar to the top, but leave at least 2 inches away from the top of the jar of space. This is needed as the mixture will ferment and expand. Allow jars to seat on a warm area in your kitchen undisturbed for about 3- 4 days. The mixture will produce bubbles as it approaches fermentation. On the third or fourth day store in refrigerator. Use a tablespoon daily with your meal. Rotate your fermented vegetables daily! Tip: I open the jars once daily during the initial fermentation process to encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria (oxygen loving bacteria) and re-close the jars shortly after. Alternative Healing Therapies, Health Journey Coaching 4U  ©

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