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What the heck is Kiwano Horn Melon?

Is it even edible?

Yes, it's a fruit native to Africa, also known as African horned cucumber.

On the outside is bright yellow smooth skin with spikes like horns. The inside flesh is a jelly-like pale green with seeds. The skin is not edible, but the flesh and seeds are. The taste of the flesh is like the taste of passion fruit or persimmons, but less acidic and sweet.

How do you eat it? The simplest way is with a spoon and for those of you that are culinary savvy your imagination is the limit. Try them in curd or jam combined with other fruits, etc.

So why should you be eating these exotic fruits? Well, if you have any digestive issues, chronic health conditions or want to be healthier. The answer is to incorporate a diverse large quantity of vegetables and fruits. This diversity of plants will increase the diversity of your organisms that are responsible for maintain the health of your gut and your overall physical and mental health. Research has shown the more food sensitivities a person has the less friendly bacteria that is available to breakdown and digest food. The food crosses the digestive barriers of the small intestine undigested triggering an autoimmune reaction because the body does not recognize the undigested food. A good practice is eat within a year 180-200 different species of vegetable, fruits, herbs and spices. You can accomplish this by keeping a written list of plant consumed every week.

Nutritional Benefits Of Kiwano Horn Melon:

Anti-Oxidant: It's rich in anti-oxidants that fight free radicals that damage the body.

Loaded with vitamin E,A, C. Vitamin C is responsible for the anti-oxidant properties.

Power house for Magnesium may help reduce blood glucose in diabetics.

Rich in iron.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits.

High protein content due to the seeds (16% of the calories are coming from protein).

Low in sugar and calories.

Rich in fibers

How to pick the fruit

Unripe fruit is green and hard. The ripe fruit has a softer skin, bright yellow to yellowish-orange color.

Consume within few days of purchase.

 Jeannette Werle, Health Consultant

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