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Paleo Sweet Potato Tart or Pie :)

Think you can not have a piece of potato pie or pumpkin pie this holiday season. Well, I am

here to tell you can. I have put together a recipe that can be used for pumpkin or sweet potato tart or pie and it has no added table sugar. Find below the recipe for the filling, but the tart crust you can find in my book. You can buy it in Amazon Kindle eBook version or print. The eBook is $9.99 and the print book is $16.95

You can top the dessert with your favorite topping or chose toppings such as: meringue, non-dairy or dairy whipped topping or top with my paleo granola. Find recipe for the paleo granola and the meringue with no refined sugar in my blog.

Filling Ingredients for the sweet potato or pumpkin Tart/Pie

Pumpkin Tart or Pie GF, Paleo, Grain Free, RSF, DF Option* Makes a 1/10” tart. The tart crust can be made a day in advance and stored unbaked refrigerated until ready to use the next day. The pumpkin tart or pie is best eaten the same day as baked. Method: Prepare the tart shell and store it in the refrigerator until ready to use. Filling: In a food processor, mix the pumpkin puree, nondairy milk, salt, spices, eggs, chia gel binder, dates (pre-soaked dates and drain), and stevia. Pulse all the ingredients a few times until smooth and well blended. Set the filling off to the side and par-bake the unfilled almond coconut tart shell for about 15 to 20 min or until lightly golden brown, especially in the center of the tart. Once the tart is baked, fill it with the pumpkin filling and bake it for about 35 min or until it sets and the taster comes out clean. The texture of this tart is like a light custard or mousse. Allow the tart to cool completely and remove it from the tart pan. If you baked a pie, leave it in the pie dish. Serve with Paleo granola like my photo in this blog post, meringue, nondairy whipped cream or nondairy cream cheese icing. To make the cream cheese icing, just simply use vanilla and sugar of choice to taste and blend the ingredients until well blended and fluffy. Vegan option crust* replace ghee with a nondairy butter. The Paleo, grain free, gluten free crust recipe is in my book Why Not Desserts? Or, you can make your favorite crust. There are pie crust recipes in this blog including a gluten free version.

Dry ingredients 1/10” Tart crust or pie crust par baked.

Pumpkin* puree 1 ½ cups 12 oz. (if making the sweet potato pie use 2 large potatoes baked and puree about 15 oz.)

Milk nondairy 1 cup 8 oz.

Celtic salt ½ tsp.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ½ tsp. Cloves, ground ¼ tsp. Ginger, ground ¼ tsp.

Eggs, large 2

Dates 2, pitted, pre-soaked in water and drained

Stevia liquid ½ tsp.

Chia gel binder ½ cup (see recipe in book).

Find Paleo Granola Recipe in this blog.

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