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Simple Breakfast Ideas

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Simple breakfast ideas can be even prepared the day before. Planing is the key to maintaining a healthy diet ,immune system and weight.

Implement three simple tips for easy breakfast:

1. Make weekly a grocery list of foods you wish to eat for breakfast, dinner or lunch.

2. Prep your foods in advance. Is best for example to wash all fruits like grapes, blueberries or cut your pineapple or melon and store in food bowls or seal containers for later use. Now you will have the choice of grab desired foods and make an instant breakfast bowl or you can prepared the breakfast bowl the night before for on the go.

3. Be creative, meaning you don't all ways have to eat the same foods. You can have left over dinner for breakfast. Remember to rotate your foods. Eating the same foods over and over doesn't support a healthy microbiome in your gut. There is clear medical research that the microorganisms in the gut are very diversify in a healthy individuals.1.,2.

Photos above show combination of many fruits (pineapple,pear, apples,papaya, mango, kiwi, etc), grains porridge (buckwheat,sorghum or chia), vegetables roasted or steam, fermented sauerkraut, poached eggs, sugar free jams substitute for diabetics, unsweetened apple butter, cream cheese plant based,vegetables or fruit smoothies and much more. Let your imagination be your guide.

If you get spikes of sugar, try using smoothies mixed with vegetables rather than juices to prevent spikes of blood glucose and add more greens to your fruit bowls. The fiber aids in slowing down the absorption of blood glucose.3. Fresh fruit smoothies and vegetables juices are to best consumed away from food as they are intended to be used for detoxification or give a boost of nutrition.

The information provided in this blog is for educational purpose only. Always consult with your healthcare provided.

If you need help with food ideas to manage weight or any other issues related to healthier quality of life, sign up for health coaching services. There is no cookie cutter approach to a healthier immune system or quality of life.

 Jeannette Werle, Health Consultant

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