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Strawberry or Cherry Pie Jam

GF, V, SF,

Who new you can make a from scratch cherry pie jam or strawberry jam with no sugar added.

Diabetic friendly jam.


Fresh strawberries 2 cups, (15 oz.)*

Fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon

Chia gel binder 1/4 cup, find recipe in my blog.

Stevia liquid 1/2 teaspoon or to taste

Salt Celtic, 1 pinch

Chia seeds are a versatile food that allows an otherwise sugar laden jam to be made sugarless. Just make sure you use in season fruits as they are nutrient dense, aromatic and very sweet when in season.


In a small pan place the washed, diced strawberries, lemon juice, pinch salt and chia gel binder. Cook on medium to low heat until the fruit has sweat and comes to a boil. The mixture should be reduced by half and most of the water evaporated. You may need to stir the jam few times to prevent sticking or scorching. Once it comes to a boil turn heat off, but leave jam on the stove, covered and allow it to cook for an extra 2 minutes. Remove from the stove and add ½ tsp. of stevia. Stir well and place in clean glass jars. Store in refrigerator or for longer shelf life freeze jam in freezable containers.

Cherry Jam

14 oz. Pie cherries or sour cherries pitted and washed.

Chia gel binder 1 tablespoon

Purecane 1.3 g ( this is a blend of erythritol and Reb M sugar free sweeteners or use liquid stevia 1/2 tsp. If you use stevia added at the end when the jam is finished. If you want your jam sweeter, add more sweetner, but please added in small increments as these sweeteners are 200 x sweeter than regular table sugar.

Method: cook down the fruit in a low to medium heat until the water evaporates and the natural pectin in the fruit starts to jellied. The jam will be finished when it no longer runs. Tested by taking a spoon full of jam and place the content of the spoon onto a plate. If the jam, does not run on the plate it is ready. Enjoy!

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