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What is MSM?

What is MSM?

Is organic sulfur also known as Methylsulfonymethane. MSM is white in color & completely odorless and non-toxic. Best crystallized not powder or tablets. The human body cannot produce sulfur on its own, but is require for many body enzyme functions and antioxidant. It’s a macro mineral like oxygen,

How is sulfur used by the body? Sulfur is used to transfer oxygen from the air and water we take in to every cell in our body to make ATP energy and remove toxins within the mitochondria

* Organic Sulfur is not Sulfites or Sulfa many people are allergic these metals. Sulfur, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen form the structures of most organic molecules including vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. Sulfur is needed to process many vitamins and minerals absorption in the body.

Benefits of MSM:

• Removes Toxins from the body constantly (Free radical absorption)

• MSM helps the body make Glutathione

• Lessens inflammation

• Improves elasticity of the skin

• Improves collagen production

• It helps hair and nails grow

• Helps reduce cholesterol build up

• Make B12 absorption

• Muscle growth

• Helps reduce allergies

• It locks foreign proteins. It is used to make anti-venom.

• Asthma

Anti-bacterial effects

• Autoimmune disorders

• Helps with autoimmune disorders

• Alzheimer’s is characterized by a buildup of toxic metals in the brain that prevents neurotransmitters communications.

• IBS: sulfur deposits line the pockets in the intestine like a Teflon coating preventing food, bacteria build up or parasites from sticking to the internal lining. It helps improve elasticity and peristalsis of the intestines. It also helps nutritional absorption of vitamins and minerals. Taken with vitamin C it helps rebuild the cell at molecular level faster. Vitamin C is needed for wound healing and collagen formation.

• Helps with Epilepsy: Infections like Candida can trigger epilepsy in the brain. This overgrowth of Candida changes the ph. of the brain leading to epileptic seizures.

• It helps with emphysema allowing more oxygen to go through the membranes.

Source: Cruciferous vegetables, onions, garlic, organ meats, chicken, fish, red meat and eggs.

NOTE: Must be taken with vitamin C to accelerate healing.

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