What keeps you going?  For me is educating and creating foods!

Russian Tea biscuits is one of my old time favorites.  It provides an explosion of flavors in your mouth.  Comfort food and it can be prepared in advanced.  Stay tune as I will revealed in my upcoming book how simple it's to prepare.  Subscribe to my newsletter to get information 
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"The production of delectable foods starts with passion for the field,understanding of ingredients,the quality of ingredients & the love to teach the craft"

Jeannette Werle,  CIHC, DH Baker, Pastry Chef 
Italian Savory Galettes
Cherry Banana Sorbet,GF,DF,NS
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There are more than 100 dietary theories.  The world can not agree what diet is best.  What is one to do? Well, you must eat nutrient dense and listen to your body first. If you feel good eating a particular diet then go for it.  There is no cookie cutter approach to ultimate health!

 Jeannette Werle, Health Consultant

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